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More Than Just A Home

After-sales Care

From the moment we hand you the keys to your new home, we’ll continue to look after you and your new purchase. If we get something wrong, we’ll put it right.

Our staff are trained to deal with any issues you may have after you have purchased one of our properties and will be on hand to help.

You’ll receive information about the after sales and emergency services that we provide for a limited period on completion day.

We will provide you with information about the 10-year LABC structural warranty that comes with your home. The LABC warranty is underwritten by 'A' rated global insurers, ensuring you are protected for the duration of the policy. The cover provided by the warranty is also accepted by all leading UK mortgage lenders.

Appliances and white goods included in the purchase price are covered by the manufacturers’ warranties which we’ll give to you when you pick up the keys.

We will tell you about our procedures for dealing with any complaints, including the availability of any services that can help resolve complaints about warranties.

Should you experience problems with your new home after moving in, our service continues after the sale has been completed. For the first 2 years, we are required under the terms of the LABC 10-year warranty to carry out works that fall within the terms of the warranty and repair defects in your home. However, we are not responsible for problems caused by wear and tear, decorating and routine maintenance, nor are we responsible for storm damage which is usually covered by your home insurers.

We will co-operate with appropriately qualified professional advisors you have appointed to help resolve disputes.


Useful Information

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