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More Than Just A Home

Our Story

The Big Sky Group was established in 2014 and is wholly owned by South Norfolk Council, which was one of the first local authorities to recognise that if the country was to meet the demand for new homes – for sale, market rent and affordable share equity - it could not just leave it to the traditional housing market.

From small beginnings, we are now well established in the Norfolk housing market, with a good reputation and the backing of partners to continue to grow and make a difference while also providing a valuable income stream to South Norfolk Council.

We are focused on delivering growth and enhancing the quality of life in South Norfolk and beyond, if you like, building the right housing in the right places.

Big Sky Group consists of Big Sky Living, the residential property development arm, and Big Sky Property Management, which provides quality residential and commercial properties for market rental and provides technical property advice to South Norfolk Council.

Young family lounging in their living area

designed to fit in withIN the community 

Each of our Big Sky Living developments is different and designed to fit in with the community it is located within.

We do this by:

  • building and investing in high quality, attractive homes
  • offering room sizes that better reflect the needs of a modern family
  • providing a premium product at affordable prices
  • creating vibrant communities where people enjoy living, making it easy for them to commute or work locally and to build friendships within the development
  • offering home buyers and rental tenants more than is currently available on the market
  • utilising land assets to build in a way that is sympathetic both to the local and global environments and the needs of our communities

In 2017 we won the East of England Construction Excellence Award as Client of the Year.

Norfolk is our home too

Big Sky Living is proud to call Norfolk its home. Norfolk has so much to offer as a place to live. The city of Norwich is a thriving centre of commerce and retail. Norfolk offers beautiful countryside, lively market towns, historic architecture and an endless coastline. That combination of city and county make it, in our opinion, the perfect place to live and more than just a home.

We are very proud of our Norfolk roots. That's why we named our house types after villages in South Norfolk.