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More Than Just A Home



How long has Big Sky Living been building houses?

Big Sky Living is a part of the Big Sky Group which was founded in 2014. We are wholly owned by South Norfolk Council (SNC) and have established ourselves as one of the leading developers in Norfolk.

Do you offer rental properties on your developments?

Yes. We retain around 20% of the properties of each of our developments to offer at market rent to people who prefer not to, or are unable, to buy. These properties are exactly the same as the ones we sell.

What do you mean when you say that that the houses you build are more than just a home?

When we plan a new development, we factor in the important things that people hold dear to them about their homes. We offer flexibility, great design, more room, bigger windows and efficient energy for our properties. And, we create space between each home, design a layout with a pleasing aesthetic, have roads wide enough to drive through safely and have plenty of green space for people to enjoy. And we choose our locations that are situated in pleasant surroundings with easy access to the Norfolk coast and countryside. All of these things together add up to making our new builds more than just a home.

Why do you build commercial premises on the developments?

With the growing trend for more flexible working practises, we build well-designed commercial centres on each of our developments to enable residents to run their businesses from them. We build them with the same care and design as all the other properties on the development so that they blend in.

St. Giles Park

Where is St Giles Park?

It is in Cringleford village three miles south of Norwich. St Giles Park can be accessed from the east exit of the ‘hospital’ roundabout just north of the A11 junction with the A47 Norwich Southern Bypass.

When will the show home be open?

The sales and marketing suite is open Wednesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm

Who do I contact to arrange a viewing of one of your homes?

Please contact our appointed estate agency Hammond & Stratford on 01603 977729. Or you can send an email to

When will the first homes be available to buy?

Our plan is to have the first homes on the market in early 2021.

How many homes are being built at St Giles Park?

We have planning permission to build over 300 new homes. We are now completing phase 9 which has provided 201 quality homes.  

Is there a good bus service to Norwich?

Yes, there is a regular bus service that runs from a terminus off the western exit of the ‘hospital’ roundabout into Norwich and the other way to the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital.