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More Than Just A Home

New brand identity launched for Big Sky Living

Big Sky LogoWe have changed our name from Big Sky Developments to Big Sky Living to better reflect our approach to building and also unveiled our new brand identity.

Operating in the very competitive world of property development, it’s important for customers, contractors and suppliers to recognise good, quality developers. Being fairly new to the industry and having successfully delivered two residential developments in Norfolk already we felt that we had established a reputation for quality builds and needed a brand identity that reflected the sort of company we are.

We engaged local Norwich brand development agency oneonone communications to help us to create a new brand identity.

Rob Davies, managing director of oneonone communications, said, “We employed our thorough root and branch brand audit process to uncover the core values of the company, the things that make it stand out from the competition and what customers are looking for. Establishing these important factors – the DNA of the company if you like – then enabled us to explore a number of identity designs to consider. We eventually settled on an identity that added ‘Living’ to the brand name, created a strapline of ‘More than just a home’, designed a new logo to position the brand as a ‘modern classic’ using colours rooted in Norfolk and brought in the kite visual to represent the ‘big sky’ and sense of freedom you get when living in this region.

“We are delighted that Big Sky Living chose to work with a local agency and we are very proud to be part of its story. We believe Big Sky Living now as the brand status to compete with the national property development brands.”

Sandra Dinneen, director, Big Sky Living, said, “We are really pleased with the brand identity that Rob and his team have designed for us. It embodies the quality of build and relationship with Norfolk that we have and correctly positions us as providing more than just a home for our customers. Our homes and the developments they are built on offer our customers an attractive way of life.”